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Donate Your Mountain Home

Demographic research has shown that 70% of the homes in Summit County are second homes that are used only a few weeks a year.  And the greatest expense in coordinating a respite for a family is the expense of acquiring an appropriate accommodation. 

We all know of under-utilized timeshares, condos and houses in every neighborhood. Many are income-providing properties and several are second homes. Rarely are any of these properties occupied 52 weeks a year.  Domus Pacis would love to make use of vacant times, providing a warm welcoming place for a family in need of an escape from all that they are dealing with during their arduous journey.

One of the challenges of the organization - to have the right size home/condo/timeshare at the right time for the patient and their family - requires us to have a wide variety of potential accommodations.

If you have a property that you could donate for our use we would be so grateful if you consider offering just one week to our respite program. For more information on how to donate the usage of your home or timeshare interval to Domus Pacis, please email

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