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Revitalize & Reconnect

Cancer is a disease that shatters normalcy - in your thoughts, conversations, interactions and expectations. Most programs support the patient or assist the caregivers. What remains untouched are the needs of the family and friends, supporting and affected by the illness of the loved one. The purpose of Domus Pacis is to begin addressing those needs. Primarily, the need to briefly escape from a life of cancer.

It is our belief that by providing a carefree family respite, a much-needed harmony begins to flourish. Healing begins on many levels within all participants. Given the time-consuming nature of cancer treatment, the commitment to organizing a family get-away may be a low priority. Most of us are unsure about traveling with an ailing loved one. The additional financial stress may not allow most families to even dream that getting away has any possibility. Domus Pacis can help make that dream a reality.

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