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Program Guidelines


  • Nominee must be referred by a healthcare or psychosocial professional.

  • Nominee must be a diagnosed cancer patient of any age.

  • Nominee can also be a patient in palliative or hospice care with a non-cancer diagnosis.

  • Nominee must be physically able to handle travel and a high elevation environment.

  • Nominee must be accompanied by a spouse, significant other, sibling, parent or caregiver.



  • Domus Pacis offers family respites, not family vacations nor family reunions.

  • Respites are usually 2–7 individuals and are from 5–7 nights in length.

  • Nominated families must submit an application with reasonable lead time necessary for respite coordination.

  • Nominated families must be willing to sign a guest agreement and provide Domus Pacis with a security deposit.

  • Families need to have the ability to cover their travel, additional food, and activity expenses.

  • Domus Pacis realizes the importance of family, either biological or by choice. You decide what constitutes a family for you.

  • No pets are allowed. Service animals are allowed only if we have a home that accepts animals.

For more information about the application process please email:

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