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Referral Process

Our Referral Partners come from a variety of hospitals, clinics and treatment centers. They are patient navigators, social workers, case managers, nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. They are the ones who identify respite candidates and their families.

The nomination process is based on a number of factors which include:

  • Can the patient safely travel and their medical condition tolerate being at high elevations?

  • Does the patient need and want to participate in the offerings of a respite?

  • Does the patient have a family support system able to accompany the patient?

  • Will a respite opportunity be a positive experience for all participants?


Each Referral Partner that has signed up to work with Domus Pacis is given a link to our secure online Nomination Portal that is unique and only accessible to them.

Once the patient gives their permission, the Referral Partner nominates the family for a respite using the Nomination Portal. Once submitted our system automatically notifies the family and sends them a link to a very easy to use and secure online Application so that they can start the process of scheduling a respite.

Domus Pacis provides respites for families that are currently going through, or have gone through a traumatic cancer event. We work with families wherever they may be on their journey (diagnosis, treatment, remission, end of life). Domus Pacis does not base eligibility on gender, age, religious, ethnic nor social-economic factors.

If you are a medical or psychosocial professional interested in becoming a Domus Pacis Referral Partner, please contact Ken Maldonado at

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