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Qualification Guidelines…


Nomination Guidelines…

  • Nominee must be a diagnosed cancer patient of any age; a nominee with a non-cancer diagnosis, in Palliative or Hospice Care, does qualify.
  • Nominee must be physically able to handle travel with a medical condition that would not be compromised by staying in a high altitude environment.
  • Nominee must be accompanied by a spouse, significant other, sibling, parent or caregiver. Only a certified service pet can accompany the nominee.
  • Nominee must be referred by a healthcare or psychosocial professional staff member from one of Domus Pacis Family Respite’s referral partnerships.

Application Guidelines…

  • Nominated family members must totally complete and submit application paperwork to Domus Pacis Family Respite staff with the understanding that a reasonable lead time is necessary for coordination.
  • After the referral partner nominates a family for Domus Pacis' family respite program, the nominee and/or their communication designate can provide the Application information using the website's Application Submission feature or on paper.
  • Nominated family must be willing to sign an accommodation usage agreement and cover the accommodation security deposit by providing a valid check or credit card number as part of the donated property usage agreement.
  • Though Domus Pacis does provide an appropriate accommodation for a family’s respite stay as well as some meals, activity and entertainment vouchers for immediate family members, Domus Pacis does not cover the total cost for their week in Summit County. Therefore family members need to have the ability to cover their travel, additional food plus activity & entertainment expense.

Respite Stay Guidelines…

  • Domus Pacis Family Respite realizes the importance of family either biological or by choice; therefore we will be willing to consider a “family unit” consisting of two to eight people including related children. As a result of the pandemic we are limiting a respite stay to include only those family members that have been residing together. That being said, it is important to remember that Domus Pacis offers family respites, not family vacations nor family reunions.
  • No pets are allowed to participate; even if wishing to include a certified service animal, such a request can only be satisfied if the official certification documents are submitted with the completed application and an accommodation can be secured where pets are permitted.
  • Smoking in the home, weapons possession and/or any illegal substance usage will not be tolerated by any of the participants, resulting in immediate removal of all participants from the accommodation.
  • A respite opportunity is usually a week-long stay of seven nights, though given the increased care necessary to cleaning and disinfect an accommodation a stay may be reduced to five nights. The organization's mission is to provide respite; a brief getaway does NOT fulfill our mission. Therefore such requests will not be considered.
  • Nominee and/or participants must agree to writing a post respite stay Reflection within a year of their family respite stay.
  • Domus Pacis Family Respite Board must approve that the mission, vision, values and policies of DPFR will be honored by the respite request prior to any coordination of the stay being initiated.
  • For a printout of some Frequently Asked Questions, click FAQs; for Some interesting things to know about Summit County click here.