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How to Help

Double Your Donation

The Family of Sis and Jonathon Ritter, the daughter and son-in-law of longtime Summit County locals, Geralyn and Jim Smitherman, have provided Domus Pacis with an Appeal Matching Grant allowing your Donation to have Double the Impact.

The Domus Pacis Family Respite was offered a $25,000 end-of-year challenge, incentifying the board and staff to create a wider and deeper awareness of the family respite stay program and the numerous ways people of all ages, no matter where one might reside, can be good stewardships of their varied gifts. The promise of the challenge is to match $1 for $1 donations, up to $25,000, received from new donors and/or increased donations from past supporters.  This challenge match spans from Novemeber 1st until the December 31, 2018. 

Even before and after the challenge match is a reality, by donating you can assist our Domus Pacis community in creating more opportunities for families to renew their spirit during a much needed escape from an exhausting hospice or cancer journey.

The Match Barometer is rising -- thanks to generous supporters like YOU!

And as of Thursday, December 27th Domus Pacis donors have fulfilled this challenge.

AND in wonderment, another donor has come forward with an additional $5,000 match that will extend thru Little Christmas, Sunday January 6th.  Similar to the Wisemen, please come bearing a gift to another special family ... a family traveling on a journey with many unknowns that needs your support to find a place of peace and joy.