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Russ Trowbridge

Russ Trowbridge has served as a Board member of Domus Pacis Family Respite since 2017.  

He has deep Colorado roots, having grown up in Colorado Springs and frequenting Breckenridge since the mid-1950s.  He left Colorado in the late 1960s to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara, which was a springboard to almost a 30-year career as a U.S. Foreign Service officer.  As a diplomat specializing in economic, trade and development issues, he lived in Washington D.C., Athens, Hong Kong, Libreville (Gabon), Prague and Oslo and worked in 35-40 other countries.  From 2002-2014, he was a Senior Advisor to the International Joint Commission; an international U.S. – Canadian commission that manages water issues between the two countries.  Russ and his wife, Janey, eagerly settled about half-time in Breckenridge in 2006, when Russ semi-retired and now split their time between Breckenridge and Austin, Texas.

DPFR particularly resonates with Russ since his mother passed away from cancer in the 1970s.  Russ and his wife Janey have been strong supporters of DPFR since shortly after its founding.  His commitment to its mission has been strengthened by his observation of its effective and cost-efficient management, and the steady growth of broad community support.

In Breckenridge, they are actively and deeply engaged in a number of community based organizations including the Breckenridge Music Festival, a number of charitable non-profits, St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Russ’ board membership with the Highlands Property Owners Association.

Russ and Janey have two married daughters -- both musicians – and they are blessed with three young grandchildren.   Janey has a Ph.D. in Communications from George Mason University, which she applies in Breckenridge by assisting DPFR on various communications issues and research projects.    When not consumed with other activities, you can generally find them skiing during the winter and biking, hiking or Russ golfing during the summer.

Job Title: 
Retired, Senior Advisor
Breckenridge, Colorado & Austin, Texas
International Joint Commission