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Pauline Stein

Pauline Stein has served as a Board member of Domus Pacis Family Respite since October 2020. 

She has a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Oklahoma, with a major in Communications.  Pauline has extensive sales and management experience with numerous companies, including Eastman Kodak (10 years) and the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, having worked in Dallas, New York City and Chicago prior to retiring to focus on her philanthropic and faith-based work.

Pauline and her husband Pete started their relationship with DPFR as a house donor almost a decade ago.  Pauline derives her happiness out of serving and connecting with others, especially those in need.  She brings a wealth of operational experience in working with differing ministries and a high degree of energy to support DPFR’s daily activities.

Prior to relocating to Breckenridge from the Dallas area, Pauline served as Team Leader of St. Ann’s Catholic Church Feeding Fathers program.  She has also previously served on the HVP Endowment Fund as Events Director and Grants Director as well as a Team Leader for the 2015 Dallas Catholic Charities Campaign ($125 million).  She has also extensive experience with many ministries including the Family Gateway Supplies Drive (Team Leader for homeless children), the Magi Team (Christmas gifts to families in need), St. Ann’s Bible Studies Team Leader, Alpha Program Team Leader, Engaged Couple Marriage Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Eucharistic Ministry, Mass Greeter Program, Religious Education Teacher, Aids Hospice Dinners Team Leader, Ministry to the Sick, Adoration Chapel Team Leader, among other ministries and programs.

She loves to read books, watch nature, hike, and talk long walks with her husband (and their dog Misha).  She is a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Breckenridge and participates in several ministries.  Pauline has been married for 30 years and is the mother of three children, all young adults now.


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Breckenridge, Colorado