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Michele Tonti

Michele Tonti has served as a Board member of Domus Pacis Family Respite since October


She has a Bachelor of Science in Farm and Ranch Management from Colorado State

University, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Regis University

and a Masters in Real Estate Construction Management from University of Denver.


Michele is the manager of a small family-owned boutique hotel in addition to several

apartment units in Breckenridge. Through her years in the hotel industry, she has insight to

both sides of the equation: the front-end (guest experience) and the back-end (operations).


Additionally, Michele has worked with Community Capital Corporation in Denver for the

past 5 years. Community Capital Corp facilitates development of affordable housing,

serving as liaison between a non-profit organization (the sponsor), government (sources of

funding and regulation), design (the architect) and construction (the general contractor). This,

combined with her experience in the lodging industry, enables her to bring an understanding of

how multiple moving parts fit into the final vision and the flexibility to bring them all together.


Michele has supported DPFR (including lodging for 27 respite stays in 2019 alone) because she

believes in the importance of sharing the abundance of blessings we have been given. She has

seen that the respite visits give families the opportunity to step out of the anonymous grind of the

medical system and reconnect with the people that matter in their lives. Her philosophy is:

Today we give, because tomorrow we may receive.


Michele likes to hike, bike and ski .... she does yoga because it is good for her!


Job Title: 
Breckenridge - Denver, Colorado
Soggy Doggie, LLC.