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CJ Milmoe

Cornelius (CJ) Milmoe joined the Domus Pacis Family Respite Board in 2019. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University and a JD from Columbia University. He is currently owner of Milmoe Consulting Services, which supports clients on complex technical, financing, or international transactions, and provides compliance management services to business, government, and non-profit clients.  He served as counsel for various General Electric businesses for 20 years.  He started his professional career at the New York Public Service Commission.  As a Board member and officer, CJ has served organizations including Cape Fear Academy, Colgate University Alumni Corporation, Duke University Hospital Brain Tumor Advisory Board and the US Industry Coalition. 

CJ has been a friend of DPFR since 2014, when he and his wife Alex moved to Colorado.  As Alex’s caregiver during her illness, CJ learned the value of the medical, psychological, recreational, and religious resources in Summit county.  Since 1994 he has volunteered with Hole in the Wall Gang Camp which serves children and their families coping with cancer as a counselor, fund raiser, and founder of the parents’ association.



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Breckenridge, Colorao
Milmoe Consulting Sevices