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About Us




The mission of Domus Pacis is to offer individuals, who are on a challenging medical journey, an environment that encourages interaction with other family members and caregivers in a comfortable and peaceful surrounding.



Our vision is to support loving relationships, energized to endure battles, celebrate victories, and find peace with loss.


Respect – to treat each family member as unique and deserving of our attention.

Dignity – to be aware that every family member deserves to be honored.

Divine – to understand that the Domus Pacis ministry is God directed.

Empathy– to act with kindness and concern for the entire circle of support.

Trust – to build confidence that the respite environment is safe and comfortable.

Community – to welcome a wide and diverse range of individuals to participate in mission delivery.

Integrity – to be honest, consistent, and transparent with finance, legalities and procedure.

Nature – to harness the healing potential found in the awesomeness of wilderness.

Authentic to be genuine, sincere and true to mission, inspiring trust and strong advocacy for Domus Pacis families